How “Tweetable” Is Francisco d’Anconia?

How “Tweetable” Is Francisco d’Anconia?

Francisco’s “Money Speech” from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is about 70% “tweetable” according to a new tool from Yahoo! News. It measures the length of your sentences, looking for quips that are 120 characters or shorter. (Apparently President Obama is a natural tweet speaker.) Is being more “tweetable” a good thing? That depends on the purpose of your speech and your audience. This would be a handy tool, for instance, if want people to live-tweet your talk.

Money Speech Tweetability

Check it out. Add your own speeches to see how “tweetable” you are:

P.S. – John Galt’s speech is 64% “tweetable”:

John Galt's speech tweetability