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Resolving Resolutions | Champagne flutes

Resolving Resolutions

Tonight I’m celebrating last year’s future and everything I have to look forward to over the next twelve months.

2013 was a year of great achievement in my career and personal life. Please indulge me while I reflect on the highlight reel:

  • Celebrated two years with Faiza.
  • FrackNation premiered on AXSTV to rave reviews.
  • Started a blog about rhetoric (finally).
  • PUPPYCIDE raised $46,000 to make a documentary & raise awareness.
  • Began a new chapter of my life in Austin, TX.
  • Met Adam Carolla.
  • Made new friends and reconnected with old ones.

I’m genuinely excited about what I’ll accomplish in 2014, and I relish the opportunity to both reflect and plan. But I wasn’t always this optimistic about the holiday.